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We are Dimconex Media, a Catholic Innovation Agency.


Dedicated to renewing the Church and the face of the earth through multimedia. By the way of design, innovation, and strategy, we reimagine brands to reflect the fullness of the beauty of God. Join us in winning back hearts for the Kingdom of God through design and innovation.

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“The dawn from on high shall break upon us.” Luke 1,67-79

To offer Catholics around the world state-of-the-art online platforms and services. From start to finish, we are deeply involved in dreams, desires and designs, seeking to innovate brands and organizations to renew the image of the Catholic Church on the Internet.

Our work


We position organizations to realize the fullness of their potential by designing innovative, impactful, and illuminative brands that strike the attention of audiences and advance initiatives.

Website Development

We work with the latest and best technology on the market–Laravel, Vue, AWS, etc. to create custom sites tailored to fit all your needs.

Fillable forms, receive online donations, connect to your CRM, and more, all available on a one of a kind platform made just for you.

UX/UI Design

We take the needs of our client as if they were our own.

We craft custom made sights based off of intentional investigations of client needs, while always keeping the user in mind to ensure our designs pass quality assurance checks and effectively service communities.


We strategize and establish plans, with an inventive eye, to bring new life and potential to your brand.

Our brand creation and evalution model, is conceptualised through attentive analysis of your organization, so as to maintain the integrity of your vision as we transmit your mission through the most effective channels of communication.

Digital Design

We harness technical knowledge and skill, with a creative eye and attention to design, to craft campaigns and multimedia that visualize your values.

Whether it’s social media feeds, weekly newsletters, or promotional ad campaings, each design is especially tailored to ensure your messages are communicated through the propper mediums and reach your people.

The proof is in
the pudding

See how we have reimagined, reawakened, and revitalized dreams into meaningful designs and communications.


Platform offering high-quality and authentically Catholic digital resources to aid individuals and instiutions improve their digital marketing and evanglezaiton efforts.

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Online Catholic academy, providing unlimited access to online Catholic courses, for individuals and families desiring to grow deeper in their Catholic faith.

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Platform [BETA] providing quotes from St. Josemaría Escrivá, to register users, daily through email.

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Mater Coeli

Online platform helping individuals grow in their relationship with Mary, through making an act of consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary according to the writings of St. Louis De Montfort.

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Digital magazine inspired by great Catholic authors, such as J.R.R. Tolkien and G.K. Chesterton, that publishes thought provoking articles to deepen an understanding and awareness of beauty.

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